Pluck the Day: 11-10-2015

Thanks for checking out Pluck the Day! A challenge to myself to post an original cartoon at least 5 days a week.


First – Happy 240th Birthday to my beloved Marine Corps.

During the past week I have seen/heard a lot of things from Mr. Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself.  First, while binge watching The Flash, I caught the episode where Mr. Hamill appeared as the Trickster.  His portrayal of the dastardly villain intent on destroying the city was outstanding and one of my top highlights from season one. Then, during my run yesterday, I was listening to him on an episode of the “Talking Toons with Rob Paulsen” podcast. To get everyone on the same page, Rob Paulsen is a legend in voice acting and has a weekly podcast where he speaks to other actors in the business. For those who may not know, Mr. Hamill has had a very distinguished career as a voice actor.  His most notable role has been his 20+ year career as The Joker from Batman.  Starting in the cartoon and expanding to video games, Mark Hamill is known by many as the only true voice of the Crown Prince of Crime.

I started thinking at how good Mr. Hamill is at playing a villain.  I distinctly remember the first time I heard him mentioned that he had hoped that Luke would have fallen to the Dark Side in Return of the Jedi.  I thought he was crazy, or just an idiot.  But now I get it.  Now I think his portrayal of a Sith Lord would be remarkable.

So I did a mashup of Mark Hamill’s two iconic characters.  For my money, I think a Jedi Joker would be the most feared of them all.  Both sides of the force would be petrified of this guy because he is so uncontrollable.  He doesn’t want power, which is the main objective of the Sith, he just wants to cause chaos.

So, with the endorphins from my run pumping, I put the above drawing together.

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About OxenTrot

During the day, I am a mild mannered desk jockey who helps to manage a large IT company.  At night, I am a family man, who is insanely in love with his wife and a proud daddy to an amazing girl.  But in the pre-dawn hours, as most everyone else is still asleep, I am my alter ego.  During that time, I am: OxenTrot. Ox was a call sign bestowed upon me while I was an active duty United States Marine, mainly in tribute to the fact that I was a major gym rat. After 5 years and three tours of duty, I reentered the civilian world.  My call sign was replaced by my actual name but the Ox still lived inside. As I began to adapt to my new life, I also began to take on new adventures, such as starting a family, getting a “big boy” job and taking on endurance sports.
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4 Responses to Pluck the Day: 11-10-2015

  1. The invisible man… the evil one, not the nice one

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  2. Jen says:

    “Both sides of the force would be petrified of this guy because he is so uncontrollable. He doesn’t want power, which is the main objective of the Sith, he just wants to cause chaos.”

    Oooh, the end of the post negates my building indignation on behalf of the “Jedi” who are “good” but do need to overcome their rigidity again since the extended universe is being replaced. The second sentence is what keeps him from being another Vader. But still: psychotic … deranged … Jedi <— which word does not belong ;-p

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