A Look Back at Marvel’s Weirdworld

Weirdworld #4 from Marvel Comics is hitting the shelves so we are going to take a look at all the craziness that has been happening to Arkon. Weirdworld_Issue4_Cover

Click here for a printable of what’s new this week NewComics_15-09-23.  We split the list into two pages: new single issues on one and new Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Graphic Novels and Reprints on another.

Weirdworld_Issue1_Cover(Issue #1) Arkon is lost in a very strange land trying to find his way home to Polemachus.  Along the way he has encountered monsters and other grave dangers.  He eventually crossed paths with a dragon who is being attacked by a group of ogres.  These ogres are on a mission, tasked by a witch called Morgan le Fa.  Arkon helps to defeat the ogres and hitches a ride on the back of the dragon.  However, as they fly free, the dragon gets hooked on a line like a fish.  The pair of them get dragged down into a sea where they are captured by underwater apes.  Meanwhile, Morgan le Fay has learned that her dragon has been taken by Arkon and plans to find and attack Polemachus in order to teach him a lesson about interfering in her plans.

Weirdworld_Issue2_Cover(Issue #2) We are reunited with Arkon in his underwater cell.  His dragon and weapons have been taken, so he uses the only thing he has left to try and escape from his prison, his head, literally.  Luckily, his neighboring cellmate, Warbow, Warrior of Crystallium, informs him that there is a better way.  He tells Arkon that he has escaped many times but has not made it to the surface yet.  He believes that if they team up, they can both escape Apelantis. Arkon agrees to join forces and together they break out of their cells, fight through an army of Apes and make their way to land.  Arkon loses his map of Weirdworld in the process. Warbow tells him that he has his own map and that if Arkon helps him save his prince, Warbow will give it to him.  Arkon agrees and they head out on their mission, which leads them to Morgan le Fay’s fortress.  Within the castle, Morgan le Fay is presented with a gift from Apelantis, the dragon.  Even th ough the ogres are unable to tame the beast, she saddles him and takes him for a ride.  As she heads for the skies, Warbow and Arkon arrive to rescue the Crystallium prince.  They work their way into the fortress and Warbow leads them to the treasure room.  He retrieves a bag of crystals, claiming it to be his prince and best friend.  Arkon realizes that long exposure to Weirdworld is destined to lead one to madness and is convinced Warbow has fallen prey to such a destiny.  Before they can leave the treasure room, Arkon and Warbow (and his prince) are surrounded by Magma Men.

Weirdworld_Issue3_Cover(Issue #3) Arkon and Warbow escape the Magma Men by leaping out of a window which leads to a great fall, ending in a river of lava.  Miraculously, they land safely in a boat and are able to reach the shoreline.  Warbow explains that long ago, Morgan le Fay literally shattered the warriors of the Crystallium and he was the only one that remained.  Since then, he has vowed to gather all of his comrades’ remains.  He offers to join Arkon on his journey but Arkon refuses and only requests the map that Warbow promised him.  Upon inspection, Arkon realizes that the map is useless.  There is nothing that he is familiar with, just nonsense.  Arkon heads off, determined to continue his quest for Polemachus on his own.  Meanwhile, Morgan le Fay hears of the break-in to her treasure room.  Upon learning that Arkon, the one who stole her dragon, was involved with the robbery, she deems him a nuisance and orders that The Slayer be sent to deal with him. The Slayer finds Arkon in a pub and after a brief exchange discussing the madness and monsters that are contained in the Weirdworld, The Slayer informs Arkon that he is there to kill him.  They go outside and battle on a suspension bridge.  In disregard for his own life, Arkon decides to cut the ropes of the bridge, causing both warriors to fall.  When Arkon regains consciousness, he finds himself in a land he recognizes from Warbow’s map, the Forest of Man-Things.  (A side story also emerges of James Scully.  He is a prisoner on a plane in another world.  During the flight, the plane is caught up in a strange storm and it appears that they are somehow transported to Weirdworld.)

We are told that in Issue #4 “The weirdness continues as Arkon finds himself trapped in the swamp of the Man-Things. Meanwhile, the evil sorceress Morgan le Fay marches with her army of Lava Men and gun-toting ogres toward Arkon’s home of Polemachus.”

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