Anything Can Happen Wednesday (From whales to Penguin)

I love streams of thought.  Sort of like when your spouse is talking about making chicken for dinner and you say “Oh, that reminds me, we need more kitty litter.”  Then you have to explain: when you said chicken it reminded me of the episode of Family Guy I watched last night where Peter fights the big Chicken, then I remembered that Peter at work wouldn’t shut up about the new dress code at the office, that reminded me that I need to get some new ties because of the new dress code, ties made me think of Father’s Day because I used to always give my dad a tie, which made me think of when I used to go to the mall on Father’s Day in order to buy him his gift, which made me think of my most favorite store in the mall, the pet store, pet stores have cats, we have a cat, we are running low on kitty litter. Hence chicken = we need more kitty litter.

So today, whales led me to make a note to ask my sister if she can get time off to drive 9 hours to meet Penguin next month.  This is how things went:

As I spent my morning conference call….I mean lunch break….engrossed in my favorite past time (scouring crowdfunding sites for cool projects that have awesome rewards), I saw this amazing image.


It’s Sir Patrick Stewart helping a group to raise money so they can use drones in order to save the whales.  How cool is that!  Click on the image above to see more about the project and donate if possible, or at least help spread the word on social media.

Then I started thinking, “Hmm, that’s sort of funny because he wasn’t even in that movie.”  Of course I meant Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, where they save the whales. But that had Captain Kirk not Captain Picard but I guess Shatner is too busy off doing…whatever, so Sir Patrick obviously picked up the mantle in order to represent the Enterprise.

Then, I was reminded of this amazing video of William Shatner…singing?…the song Rocket Man.

Which led me on a search for cool images of rocket men.  I found this image of an awesome costume.  The legs look so real.  Click the pic to see more.


That made me think about Halloween and I wanted to find some geeky decorations and party ideas for October.  It’s never too early to start planning.  That led me to Girls on Game and their: 10 ways to Geek Up Your Halloween Party article.  It included a Boo Lantern and how to make three versions of Butterbeer. (Click on Boo for more.)


Then I read in the author’s bio that said she is a cosplayer from outside of Toronto.


And I thought to myself: “Self, I wonder when the big comic cons occur in Canada.”  So I did another search and found Fan Expo Canada, which is happening September 3-6 in Toronto.  As I looked through the amazing list of stars that will be there, I saw that Robin Lord Taylor is scheduled to appear.  If you don’t know, he plays Penguin on the Batman inspired TV show, Gotham.  So, I wondered how long it would take to drive to Toronto from DC.


So, off to Google Maps I went and found out that it’s about 9 hour trip without traffic.


I could do it but I think my sister would kill be if I left her behind, so I need to check with her to see if she can get time off from work so she can go with me.

Hence whales equaled a note to remind myself to ask my sister if she can get time off to drive 9 hours to meet Penguin next month.

The End!

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During the day, I am a mild mannered desk jockey who helps to manage a large IT company.  At night, I am a family man, who is insanely in love with his wife and a proud daddy to an amazing girl.  But in the pre-dawn hours, as most everyone else is still asleep, I am my alter ego.  During that time, I am: OxenTrot. Ox was a call sign bestowed upon me while I was an active duty United States Marine, mainly in tribute to the fact that I was a major gym rat. After 5 years and three tours of duty, I reentered the civilian world.  My call sign was replaced by my actual name but the Ox still lived inside. As I began to adapt to my new life, I also began to take on new adventures, such as starting a family, getting a “big boy” job and taking on endurance sports.
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