Look Back Tuesday (The Shrinking Man)


Issue #2 of IDW’s adaptation of Richard Matheson’s The Shrinking Man is hitting the shelves tomorrow. In anticipation of the next issue we are going to look back at where we left off in issue #1. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

It all began in 1956 when Scott Carey is exposed to a mysterious spray while out boating with his friend Marty one day.  Then, he was 72 inches (6 feet tall) and now, he is just a paltry 5/7 of an inch.  Smaller than the black widow spider which is currently chasing him through a basement.  He is shrinking at a rate of 1/7 inch per day, so that means he will shrink to nothing in 6 days.  We are introduced to the turmoil he, his wife and their daughter have been going through since they discovered that Scott is shrinking.  Coming to terms with is condition.  Stressing about medical bills.  The strain on the marriage.  Scott leaving the clinic that was helping him because he was frustrated and it was getting too expensive.

The_Shrinking_Man_Issue1_coverLuckily, the clinic eventually started helping Scott at no charge due to his unusual condition and possible benefits to medical knowledge.  However, at present time, he has bigger things to worry about than bills.  Six days to go, being stalked by a spider and he is also starving.  He sees a box of crackers at the top of a refrigerator.  He harrowingly climbs up to the top of the fridge only to discover the crackers are not edible.  Now what?

We will find out more this week thanks to the work of Ted Adams and Mark Torres, who have taken up the job of adapting this story.

Good luck on you hunt for your new books tomorrow and don’t forget to check out some of the other topics on this blog, such as Monday Cinema Club, Bookworm TuesdayAnything Can Happen Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and  Friday’s Week in Review.

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