Look Back Tuesday (Star Wars Lando)

Star Wars Lando #2 Issue #2 of Star Wars Lando is hitting the shelves and we are taking a quick look at where we left off with the scoundrel.  (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

First, we see Lando in the company of Ssaria, an Imperial Governor.  It’s apparent that they have been very close.  So close that Lando admits that his true intentions when he met Ssaria was to steal one of her artifacts.  But he no longer had the heart to do so.  Well, it appears that honesty is the best policy at times.  Lando still gets the artifact and he doesn’t have to worry about an imperial bounty being put on his head. The goal is to turn the item over to Papa Toren in order to repay a substantial debt.  Unfortunately, it only erases ten percent of what he owes.  But Papa Toren has a plan that could not only clear Lando but also set him up with a good chunk of money so he and Lobo could finally get ahead for once.

Star Wars Lando #1Lando and Lobo line up some extra help before heading out on their mission.  They recruit a pair of fighters, Aleksin and Pavol, just in case they run into some trouble.  They also meet up with Korin.  A former associate of Lando whose relationship was soured at some point.  This is a way that Lando hopes to make amends.  The mission is simple.  Some rich imperial’s space craft is docked out at the of planet shipyard.  It’s getting refitted, which means that there is little security watching the craft.  It’s supposed to be filled with old artwork.  Papa Toren wants the ship, Lando can have the rest.  Korin is an expert in antiquities.  So it looks like Lando has a good way to sell any of the good stuff they find on board. The heist is easy.  Quick in.  Quick out.  There’s only one problem.  Turns out, the ship belongs to Emperor Palpatine.  Ooops.

Issue #2 promises to be filled with excitement and adventure for Calrissian.  For starters, how far can he get with a stolen space craft belonging to the Emperor of the Galactic Empire?

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