Friday’s Week in Review: Happenings around the Web

WIRAnother week as ended and I am betting that I’m not the only one looking forward to the weekend.  Before we go, let’s just take a quick look back at some of the stuff that hit the internet this week.  From rumors about next year’s Dr. Who to a sneak peek at the next Star War’s game, there was a bunch of Geekines to read and watch.

An incomplete Dr. Who for 2016?  

A rumor came out this week that showrunner Steven Moffat’s plate is too full with both Dr. Who and Sherlock.  Is it possible that in 2016 we will get a shortened season of the Dr.?  As long as I can still watch past episodes on Netflix, I’m fine. I am still catching up on the old shows, but I can assume more avid viewers may be a bit miffed if they get short changed next year.  However, nothing has been confirmed by the BBC and this all could just be hokum.

Interview with Erin Richards (Gotham’s Barbara Kean)

Erin Richards who plays Barbara Kean on TV’s “Gotham” gave an interview where she speculates on what might happen in season two of the series.  She evokes the name of the Joker and Harley Quinn.  All of it is conjecture but you can get a sense of how into it she is and ready to continue her character on the show.  Some of these ideas might make really good “What If…” Fan Films.  Maybe we can sell FOX on the idea of a web series where alternate realities or side stories are explored in regards to Gotham.  Come on, who doesn’t want to see Bruce Wayne at school during a game of dodgeball.  I bet he always wins, except for the few times it comes down to him and the cute girl in class.  He doesn’t lose out of chivalry, he loses because he still doesn’t know what to do when a girl in short gym shorts looks at him.

Release Date for Ready Player One Movie

It’s been a big few weeks for Ernest Cline.  First, his new book Armada hit the stores.  Can I just tell you that my local library has 8 copies and I still can’t get my hands on one? I fear to ask how long the wait list.  Besides that, we got a release date for Ready Player One, which is based on Cline’s amazing book.  On a side note: if you’ve read the book, cool, but may I suggest you also get the audio version with Wil Wheaton.  It is absolutely amazing.  Anyway, so this is Cline’s Ready Player One, even though everyone in the media is now calling it Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.  Whaaaat?!?!?  Don’t make me laugh.  When the movie comes out on December 15, 2017 it will be Eric Cline’s day, make no mistake of that.

Some cool stuff I found on YouTube this week:

Found this trailer over at Outside Xbox for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron game.  It might finally be time to upgrade the old PC.  However, I am already annoyed.  There is a part where this exchange happens:

Unknown female voice: “Gold Leader, we are outnumbered.”

Gold Leader: “Never tell me the odds.”

Oh, come on!  She didn’t give you the odds, she just told you that you were outnumbered.  She didn’t even say, “You’re outnumbered 2 to 1 Gold Leader.”  This is an example of games shoehorning pieces of the genre where it doesn’t exactly fit.  Freaking Nerf Herders.

And what would this week be without another look at the trailer for Deadpool

Hope you all have a good weekend and find time to go out and have some fun.

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