New Comic Look Back (The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows)

Amazing_Spider-Man_Issue3_CoverThe Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3 is hitting the shelves tomorrow so we are going to look back at where we left off the last time we saw Peter Parker. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

In issue #1 we quickly learn that many superheroes and super villains are missing or dead.  Spidey pays a visit to the Avengers to see if they know anything.  What he walks into is a briefing by Captain America describing the severity of the situation.  During the briefing we also learn about Augusto Roman, head of Empire Unlimited who is researching super-human abilities.  This seems to be a big concern for Captain America and he even pulls in a team who is focusing on a prison break, a prison where one of Spidey’s mightiest foes has been housed.

The web slinger rushes home to find Venom holding his family hostage.  A battle ensues in the apartment and Mary Jane escapes with their daughter, Annie, and runs off to find safety.  Venom follows after MJ and as Spidey runs off to save his wife and kid the Avengers are facing Augusto Roman, who is now calling himself Regent.  They quickly discover that Regent has harvested all of the mutant powers of the X-Men and plans to do the same to the Avengers.  In a scene which is burned into my brain, Regent literally disarms the Hulk.

Amazing_Spider-Man_Issue1_CoverSpider-Man catches up to Venom and fights him with an intensity never seen before.  One of a father fighting for the safety of his child.  Venom notices the passion and taunts Spider-Man, telling Spidey the horrible things that he plans to do to Annie.  Knowing that Venom will never stop hunting his family, Spider-Man does the only thing he can do to keep them safe.

As the book ends, we see that the Avengers failed and Regent is in charge.  In a powerful set of panels, we see Peter Parker on the street, ignoring a cry for help and instead talks to his daughter about how to cross the street safely.

In Issue #2 we find out some interesting things about this new world run by Regent.  They scan the population in order to find those with mutant powers and then take them away so their abilities can be harvested.  Peter Parker has created two inhibitors to hide from the scans.  One for him and one for his daughter.  There is a new motto in the Parker household.  With great power comes great responsibility…to hide it.  Unfortunately Annie has a tendency to use her abilities, mostly by accident.

Amazing_Spider-Man_Issue2_CoverThe day to day life of the Parkers is quiet.  MJ focuses on her acting career and Annie goes to school.  MJ warns Annie not to use her powers at school, even if someone is in trouble.  As for Peter, he still takes pictures for the paper.  Today he gets lucky and tracks down a juicy photoshoot.  There is a standoff between Demolition Man, who is shouting anti-Regent sentiment, versus Rhino, Shocker and Boomerang, whose job it is to deliver people with powers to Regent. Mockingbird and Prowler are watching from the shadows.  They are working for S.H.I.E.L.D., which is an underground organization focused on helping those with powers.  But it seems like D-Man isn’t worth the risk for saving and ends up being taken away by the trio of Regent goons.  Regent is unimpressed with the lack of abilities of D-man but he does here better news.  There has been a child with a high power rating detected.

While Peter is meeting with Mr. Jameson in order to deliver his recent pictures he overhears that there is a Regent raid on Annie’s school.  Peter takes off and with the use of his abilities, and only a tightly drawn hoodie to conceal his identity, he heads over to the school.   Turns out, Regent is after the Power kids, Katie, Alex, Jack and Julie.   Spidey shows up and helps the kids get away.  Learning that Spider-Man is back, Regent decides to bring out his elite team.  He is sending out The Sinister Six to capture the web crawler.

In the final panels, we see the Parkers contemplating whether or not they should just run away.  MJ thinks it will do no good but she does think it’s time for Spider-Man to return.  However, in order to help stay concealed, there needs to be a change.

In the next issue we are promised a Spidey we rarely see.  No more blue and red.  Spidey goes back to wearing black.

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