New Comic Look Back (Broken World)


Book three of Boom’s four book miniseries Broken World will hit the shelves tomorrow.  In preparation of the next chapter in this amazing series, we take a look back at where we are in the story. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

Issue 1 introduced us to a world that is on the brink of destruction.  An asteroid is on track to impact the Earth and nothing is expected to survive.  In order to preserve the human race, space crafts have been positioned just outside Earth’s orbit and people are being sent up and placed into suspended animation.  However, not everyone can go.  The government has created a process of vetting people based on their permanent records.  Those deemed as not fit are left behind to die.  It’s only a couple of days until the asteroid hits and the riots and chaos is getting intense.

BrokenWorld_Cover1We meet Elena Marlowe.  A mother to her young son Danny and wife to Brian.  Brian is a government official overseeing the evacuation.  Elena is a teacher who has a secret.  For unknown reasons, she does not make the cut for those approved to leave Earth.   However, she buys a fake I.D. in order to head up to the spaceships.  Due to Brian’s work, the family boards the final rocket to outer space.  But Elena’s fake I.D. is noticed and she is dragged away.  She misses the launch and as the rocket takes off protestors storm the site.  Suddenly, there is an explosion and the launching pad is destroyed by a bomb placed by the “Children of the Revelation.”  This group of people believe that annihilation is divine will and should be accepted.    At the end of issue one, we see Elena at the destroyed launch pad.  Her family is in outer space.  And the asteroid that was meant to impact the Earth and destroy the remaining population has flown by harmlessly.

BrokenWorld_Cover2In issue two, we see what has happened since the day Earth survived destruction.  As expected, there is a lot of partying, some looting and one group, “The Children” is calling for repentance.  They have established camp with food, shelter and the idea that the meek have truly inherited the earth.  Elena saves a young man, David, from a heavy handed recruiter for “The Children.”  It seems that having a gun can be very persuasive, even if it is empty. Elena offers to take David back to his house on her motorcycle.  Turns out David has a sister, Emma, who used to be one of Elena’s students.  Emma and David’s parents were members of the “Children of the Revelation.” The parents committed suicide just before the asteroid was supposed to hit, leaving the kids on their own.

Emma reveals that she and David hope to find a group that is rumored to live in the woods.  They know that resources are going to run out sooner or later and it is said that this group includes city officials and military who are planning for a new world.  Elena explains that she has learned the location of alternate evacuation sites that were established in case something happened to the main launch pad.  This is Elena’s only hope to join her family.  Elena happens to have a GPS and a map and offers to help Emma and David find their hopeful destination before she heads up to find the launch site.  In the final panels, we get a glimpse of the secret camp in the woods.  It looks like the Captain in charge happens to be the same official Elena fought with in the final minutes before the last rocket was preparing to leave Earth.  I wonder if he still holds a grudge about getting his head knocked in?

Well, it looks like Issue 3 will answer that question.  A preview suggests that Elena and the Captain work together to try and find the hidden rockets that can take them off the planet.

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