Cinema Club: Best summer for movies this Millennia. Discuss.


I never hide the fact that I am not the type of guy who would be considered a “movie goer.”  When it comes to cinema, I am more than willing to sacrifice seeing something when it first comes out for waiting until I can watch it in the comfort of my own home.  The cost of a ticket, the planning of schedules and, with a three year old, the coordination of childcare are all viable deterrents, but in reality, I am just an unapologetic recluse.  However, this summer has brought me out into the untamed world for not one, but two movies.  First was Avengers Age of Ultron.  The second was Mad Max, which I saw over the weekend with my sister.  Yes, I know it has been out since forever but don’t judge a man who hasn’t seen Jurassic World yet.  In fact, judge the greatness of a movie that would have me hunt down the one theater in the local area that has one showing a day.  That, my friends, is an epic influence.  So, thanks to a mega adrenaline rush brought on by exploding cars and wicked sand storms, I proclaimed 2015 the best summer for movies this millennia.  Then I did some research and now I think I may have overstated.  I know we have a few weeks left before the school buses start taking our bundles of joy away to the finest institutions of learning, but I don’t believe anything other than Fantastic Four may crack the top 10 for this year.  With that being said, I’m thinking 2005 reigns supreme.

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It not only has a strong top five but I think the six through ten is strong too.  I mean, if we look at just the top 5 it’s a whole different story, but to get a real understanding of the quality of movies out each summer you need a top 10 view.  For example 2008 looks great.  We had Batman, Indiana Jones and Iron Man. But there was also a Sex in the City, Mama Mia and that “other” movie from the Marvel Universe, The Incredible Hulk.

One thing I did notice in my “research” was that the ramp up to this amazing Comic Book genre we are in all started in 2000.  Take a look.

  • 2000: X-Men
  • 2001: Nothing. There was Tomb Raider but not technically a comic book movie.
  • 2002: Spider-Man (which beat a Start Wars movie for king of the summer)
  • 2003: X- Men and Hulk
  • 2004: Spider-Man
  • 2005: Batman and Fantastic Four
  • 2006: X-Men and Superman
  • 2007: Spider-Man and Transformers
  • 2008: Batman, Iron Man and Hulk
  • 2009: X-Men, G.I. Joe and Transformers (which beat out a Harry Potter movie to be number one for the summer)
  • 2010: Iron Man
  • 2011: Transformers, Thor and Captain America
  • 2012: Avengers, Batman, and Spider-Man (this trio went 1, 2, 3 for the summer)
  • 2013: Iron Man & Superman
  • 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, X-men, Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • 2015: Avengers, Ant-Man and Fantastic Four

If we look at it this way, I think 2014 gets eked out by 2012 for coolest superhero summer of all time.  The top three movies of the summer were big superhero movies.  I actually saw all three of those movies in the theater.  That was huge.  But I still stand by my assessment that, by looking at the top ten, 2005 was the best summer for movies.

But it doesn’t matter because it looks like 2016 is going to crush it all.  They have:

Captain America, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Suicide Squad are just the comic book movies for the summer.  Not to mention a new Star Trek, a new Ghostbusters and things such as a World of Warcraft movie and a movie based off of Finding Nemo called Finding Dory.  This list is only half epic, because before we get into summer, we will get to feast on Batman V Superman AND Deadpool.  Holy! Freaking! My! Moly! And you know what should just be leaving the theaters as these blockbusters come in?  A freaking Star Wars movie.  One that has zero competition lined up against it for its December 2015 release.

So I amend my statement.  Best summer for movies of the millennia is 2016.

But, I still confess I am not a movie goer, so I am easily swayed.  In the last 15 years, what is the one summer that stands out above the rest?  Will 2016 crush it all?

Next time, we shall speak of movies released for Christmas and I can tell you of the one Christmas where my family and I went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet and saw Lord of the Rings for our holiday festivities, because there was literally nothing else to do that day.

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2 Responses to Cinema Club: Best summer for movies this Millennia. Discuss.

  1. Jen says:

    It’s hard because a movie like WALL-E might tip the scales for one person but not another, or a purported blockbuster like World War Z might not impress.

    Which movie was the best overall, and how is Winter Soldier not on the list?

    As for next year, Stephen Amell is forcing me to add Turtles to the viewing/DVD purchase wish-list. At least there’s a spread to the releases.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OxenTrot says:

      That’s the tough part. Transformer movies do well but I don’t know many people who actually liked them. It’s probably mostly overseas sales. Yeah, looking at you Japan. And then movies like Winter Soldier come out in April, just before summer. That’s what it will be like for Deadpool and Batman V Superman next year.


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