New Comic Back Day Look (Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars)

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3 from Marvel Comics just hit the shelves so we are goDeadpool_SecretSecret_Wars#3ing to take a look at where we left off last month. (Click here for a list of what new stuff came out this week.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

The plot for Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars is simple.  Remember the original Secret Wars from 1984?  Remember how Deadpool rocked it like Dokken during that whole miniseries?  No?  Well, he did and this is the tale of how Deapool played a huge role.

In the first issue we start from the beginning.  Well, actually, we start from the middle.  We see a Deadpool_SecretSecret_Wars#1badly damaged and possibly melting Deadpool among the remains of mighty superheroes, such as Thor and Captain America.  An ominous tone is set, indeed.  THEN we go back to the beginning of the original Secret Wars. We see a group of heroes who have found themselves transported to an unknown location.  The cast of characters includes: Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spider Man and Magneto.  Oh, and Deadpool, of course.   We enjoy typical Deadpool banter as he tries to ensure everyone that he definitely deserves to be with a team of such noble and just warriors.  Even if Magneto made it into the mix somehow.  The story unfolds and we see the introduction of a second team of evil doers and the creation of Battleworld.  They are instructed by the “Beyonder” that the two teams show fight and whoever wins can have any wish they desire.  Everyone is transported to Battleworld and a major fight ensues, minus Magneto who flies off by himself. We see Deapool take on The Lizard, Crusher Creel (a.k.a. Absorbing Man) and Kang the Conqueror.  The good guys win and find a fortress they can use to regroup. But in the end of the issue we flash-forward to where we started off.  Everything seems destroyed and he only one left standing is Deadpool.  A shirtless, maskless, cancerless, healed Wade Wilson.  You would think that is the end of the book, but wait, there’s more.  There is a bonus story of how, back in the day, Deadpool talked his way into the Contest of Champions.

Deadpool_SecretSecret_Wars#2The second issue returns us to sexified Wade Wilson.  But all is in danger as he encounters The Lizard.  During their fisticuffs, we see a flashback of what happened after the initial battle between the good guys and the baddies.  We see the X-Men, and Deadpool, talking about leaving the other heroes and joining Magneto, wherever he is.  But there is an eavesdropper among their ranks.  Spider Man pops out, hits some Spidey moves and runs off to tell the other heroes of the X-Men’s plan to defect.  As he dips into a room to try and dodge being followed, he encounters a wall of shields that seem to have images of the past, present and maybe future on them.  Deadpool shows up and the web slinger and the Merc with the Mouth do battle.  Spidey gets the upper hand and runs off so he can tell the others of the X-Men’s plan.  But Deadpool doesn’t leave empty handed, he grabs one of the shields for himself.  We later learn that Professor X wiped Spider Man’s memories of the encounter before he could tell anyone about their plans.  He also thinks that Deadpool’s shield has some telepathy and precognition abilities.  Back at his present predicament, Wade Wilson learns that The Lizard’s anger comes from the thought that Wade broke the WASP’s heart.  Turns out, she bandaged The Lizard’s arm at some point so he became a softie over her.  Wade explains that he did no such thing and is in fact trying to save WASP. The Lizard ceases the fight and instead joins Deadpool on his journey.  They enter a village and we are left with another flashback.   The heroes are together and being healed by some stranger.  At some point the stranger goes over and touches Deadpool, removes his mask, which reveals that she is the one that made Deadpool all sexy and normal looking.

Issue three promises two things.  Deadpool gets a new costume and our heroes take on Galactus.  I’m so excited!

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