Bookworm Tuesday: Crapkiller (A Solarian War Novella) by Felix R. Savage

Crapkiller_CoverSynopsis: A colony is plagued by rogue genetically engineered critters, and the newly-minted Space Corps agents are expected to pitch in. Elfrida and her best friend take up the challenge, but the hunt turns into a nightmarish ordeal when they get lost in the subterranean caverns. And, worst of all … they’re not alone.

Publication Date: April 07, 2015

Print Length: 86 pages

Available HERE

This month I have dedicated Bookworm Tuesday to stories that are less than 100 pages.  This has allowed me to read a new book a week and, more importantly, discover a number of new authors.  This week, I was introduced to Felix R. Savage, a Science fiction and fantasy writer based in Tokyo.  Man, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed his writing.  Crapkiller was a perfect combination of SciFi, + humor, + Scooby Gang.  In the book, we meet three Space Corps agents whose first stop after graduation is Ganymede.  It’s the “biggest moon in the solar system” and it turns out that the newly minted Space Corps agents have been recruited to help the distant colony get rid of a vermin infestation.  They are sent out to hunt down POCKs, which are, in reality, oversized hamsters.  Of course, nothing this simple can ever go as planned. For three agents, they may find their demise, either due to the harsh elements or what’s lurking in the darkness.

Mr. Savage creates an amazing cast of characters.  Most notable are the main agents we follow around: Elfrida, Cloden and Kristiansen.  Also, the concept of the 23rd century was engaging and such a joy to read.  There were even times where the concepts went over my head.  I totally admit it’s my fault, but I enjoy it because I’m reading about the FUTURE.  Some of the stuff I am reading shouldn’t make sense to a dumb dumb like me.  But as long as I understand that those capsules are like cool elevators on magnets, I think, then I can fully enjoy the story.  Honestly, if a word has more than three syllables, I automatically assume it’s been made up and don’t even bother trying to pronounce it properly.  I just take the first couple letters and then add “thingy” at the end.

As a military veteran, I found some extra laughs and recognizable scenarios throughout Crapkiller.  None of it had to do with fighting but rather with the relationship between the characters.  The underlying desire to outdo one another in order to get the sweet duty station. The ability to be completely selfless in time of need, such as sharing the last ration.  The realization that maybe, if it wasn’t for someone else, you would have taken the less heroic path and just gone home and hope that everyone else were all okay.  And the most impressive thing to me is the way Mr. Savage weaves these elements of the story in with a seamless transition from one plot point to another.  It felt organic when the conflicts between individuals dissolve into partnerships in order to get through the current dilemma.  All of this is done while keeping a playful undertone.

Just look at the title of this book, CRAPkiller.  If you want an amazing introduction to a distant future, with some fun and wild times included then this is the book for you.  Spaceships, drugs and genital piercings.  That’s the future I can look forward to.

For more on Felix R. Savage, you can check out:

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4 Responses to Bookworm Tuesday: Crapkiller (A Solarian War Novella) by Felix R. Savage

  1. Keeley says:

    That was surprisingly good!! Have you read the subsequent books? I’m wondering if they are of the same zany caliber. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OxenTrot says:

      Nope, not yet. This seems to be the prequel to several books based on Elfrida and so far, from excerpts I’ve read, the same tone follows through out the series. I just saw that if you go to you can get Crapkiller and the next book, The Galapagos Incident, for free.


      • Keeley says:

        Way cool! Thanks!

        Also, I have two more comments. Firstly, your hat sits pretty cunning. Secondly, I LOVED the references to Pratchett’s Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler. I nearly spat out my cereal when I saw she bought a C.M.O.T. sandwich. =D

        Liked by 1 person

      • OxenTrot says:

        1. Happy I could be of service.

        2. Thanks for the complement. You are a true gentleman and a scholar. My sister knows of my deep love for all things Firefly and gave me that hat. It is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for colder weather so I can wear it more often.

        3. REALLY?!?!? I totally missed out on that one. I’ve only read part of Colour of Magic. I really need to finish that and read his other works. Thanks for the heads up!


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