Monday Cinema Club: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday (2012)


Synopsis: Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to kill a specific target, kill the man get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one who was hired.


  • Trevor Garner  …Deadpool
  • Chris Burns…Bullseye
  • James Farlow…Henchman 1
  • Keith Brooks…Henchman 2
  • Eric Vence Green…Dock Worker (as Eric Green)
  • Digger Chambers…Dock Worker (as Curtis ‘Digger’ Chambers)
  • Jevocas Green…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • David James Davidson…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Steven K. Greer…Cuddle Puddle Cuddler
  • Ace Harney…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Secret Harris…Domino
  • Brandon Heaton…Dock Worker
  • Sterfaski Hines…Dock Worker
  • Anthony McHie…Dr. Whiters
  • Jay Peterson…Slim Jim
  • John Prew…Hydra Guard
  • Frank Saggese…Dock Worker
  • Pete Saggese…Dock Worker
  • Christopher Sailor…Cuddle Puddle Cuddler
  • Tyler Sutherland…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Zachary Vaudo…Dock Worker

Directed By: Keith Brooks

Written By: Keith Brooks and Trevor Garner

Run Time: 17:25

If you love Deadpool, then I bet you are dying to see Ryan Reynolds portray the Merc with the Mouth next year in a movie that will no doubt be a bigger hit than saying the word Chimichanga.  Until we get the big blockbuster treatment in 2016, there is plenty of material out there to keep us entertained.  Video games, comic books and fan fiction as plentiful as 372,844 pancakes.  Of all the Deadpool shorts I’ve watched in the last few weeks, this one is my favorite.  It captures the most important thing that we love about Wade Wilson, the insanity.  There is a lot of attention to detail in this film that shows how much this team of artist care about the big DP. (You will have to watch the film to figure out if DP means Deadpool or…something else.)

This is a perfect example why we need more fan films.  You don’t need fancy special effects, crazy stunts or bad guys with good aim.  Good writing, fun storyline and excellent cleavage can be just as satisfying as a multimillion dollar wanna-be blockbuster – Oh, no, not you “The Lone Ranger,” I was actually talking to “John Carter.”  Beyond just the live action, there is a ton of fun from beginning to end.  This includes the opening, closing and post credit activities.

So, as we close out July, sit back and enjoy Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday.  Yeah, you might regret it, but at least you would have wasted 18 minutes of your day at work, and isn’t that the real reason we are here?

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