Look Back Tuesday (Sons of the Devil)

SonsoftheDevil_Issue3_CoverSons of the Devil Issue #3 from Image Studios is hitting the shelves so we are going to take a look at where we are in the series. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

SonsoftheDevil_Issue1_CoverSo far, we have met Travis, who appears to have been saved from a satanic cult when he was a newborn and raised with a foster family.  He is an adult now trying to make it day by day.  For example, after being late to work, again, because he was helping a lost boy find his way home, he’s told he’s suspended for three days, so he head-butts his boss. Luckily, instead of jail time he is given community service and required to attend anger management counseling.   We also meet Klay, who appears to have grown up with Travis.  Klay is a private investigator and has a possible lead on learning the identity of Travis’ biological father.  Klay has found Mr. Landon, who knows of a man who shares a very distinctive physical feature with Travis, one blue eye and one read eye.  When Travis goes to Klay’s house to find out more, he finds Klay dead, and he himself is attacked and knocked unconscious.

SonsoftheDevil_Issue2_CoverAfter burying Klay, Travis decides to get help from an Orphan Adult Support Group.  He attends a session but we know that the therapist, Mr. Burton, has a secret, he too has one red eye and one blue eye, but he wears a contact lens to cover it up.  Melissa, Travis’ girlfriend, convinces him to visit the man that Klay found who may know something about Travis’ biological father.  When they get to Mr. Landon’s office, Travis recognizes him as the same person who attacked him in Klay’s house.  Travis runs down Mr. Landon and beats him unconscious.

In the end we are left with Travis, who is confused and trying to make sense of everything that is going on.  We also see a recovering Mr. Landon sitting in a car talking to Mr. Burton.  Seems like Mr. Landon will not be appearing in any more issues of Sons of the Devil.

What do you think we will discover in Issue #3?  How many blue eyed/red eyed crazies are out there?  Will we find out more about the cult Travis escaped?  How will Travis and Melissa handle living together?  Who knows what answers we will find?

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