Bookworm Tuesday: Wool – Part One (Silo series Book 1) by Hugh Howey

Wool_Part1_CoverSynopsis: In the future, everyone lives underground.  In such a world, there are some things that should never be discussed.  For example, never mention that you want to go outside.

Publication Date: July 30, 2011

Print Length: 58 pages

Available HERE

I can’t fully described how much joy I received by being introduced to a world that appears desolate and barren, requiring the human population to live underground in a silo.  I am still trying to process this amazing story.  It is so memorable that I can sit here and relive specific pages of this book.  I have always confessed that I am a horrible reader and one of my faults is that I can’t remember a thing I’ve read only minutes after putting the book down.  This can be a real advantage sometimes because I don’t need to buy new books. I can reread old ones and be just as amazed that the boyfriend is actually a time traveling hairdresser who is the only one that can save the world from nuclear disaster, if only he can get access to Kim Jung Un and restyle that mop he’s got going.  However, with Wool, the story is so vivid, the characters and images are still clear in my head weeks later.

I think it is fair to say that the idea of being forced underground, in a silo, from cradle to grave, seems very unappealing.  Hugh Howey not only captures that sentiment, but provides a tale that makes you understand why people would accept their subterranean existence.   And the detail he provides, down to the pixel, without being overpowering is so enjoyable and creates a sense of authenticity.  He also delivers a constant level of tension.  Whether it is centered on love, loyalty or dread of one’s own impending demise there is a never ending constant tug at the gut.

I feel I can do no justice for Mr. Howey.  I regretted any moment I had to place the journey down to tend to the real world.  This month of Bookworm Tuesday has been an absolute joy thanks to the short stories I have been introduced to and also thanks to the fact that with my Amazon Prime account, I get to read them for free.  I feel the only fair thing I can do is go back, buy these authors other works and just encourage others to give them a try too.

So, if you enjoy good SciFi, if you enjoy a good character story, if you enjoy a good Post-apocalyptic tale, then you can’t go wrong with Wool – Part 1.

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