Throwback Thursday: The Incredible Hulk Game with the Fantastic Four!

Hulk_Boardgame“Dr. Banner has turned into The Incredible Hulk and is running wild in the city! Choose your favorite Fantastic Four character and move about the board trying to collect four different “Dr. Banner” cards. But watch out for The Hulk! If you collect all four parts of Dr. Banner’s face, you win the game and The Hulk changes back into Dr. Banner.”

This is the description for the 1970’s Milton Bradley board game called “The Incredible Hulk with Fantastic Four.”  I remember having this game as a kid.  I used to play it, by myself, on our front porch (yeah, I was that kid.)  I don’t ever remember playing it with someone else and ever really knowing the rules.  I know that this has to be in the storage locker somewhere, so when I have time I can hopefully dig it out and maybe get a game going during a future family dinner night.

Hulk_Boardgame_boardHulk_Boardgame_PiecesThe gameplay is pretty simple.  Each player chooses a member of the Fantastic Four.  Everyone places their piece, and the Hulk, on the red Start Here square. Hulk_Boardgame_spinner

During a players turn, they spin the Hulk arm spinner.  If it lands on a number, that player moves their piece and the Hulk piece that many squares.  If it lands on the Hulk, the player must draw a Hulk card and do at is says.

The goal is to land on one of the six DRAW squares and hopefully collect the four parts that make up Dr. Banner’s face.  If you land on a square occupied by another player or players, you get to take one of their cards.

If the Hulk lands on a square occupied by players, each player must discard one card on top of any of the four card piles. (I am assuming this means you take one of your cards and place it on top of one of the card piles.  Or, if means you just take a card off of one of the card piles and “burn it.” I might need a ruling on this one.)

In the end, the winner is the first person to collect all four Dr. Banner face pieces.

Who else had this game?  Were there any other comic book board games from the past that you remember?

Leave a comment below and maybe we can uncover the ultimate Classic Superhero Board Game Collection.

Hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane.  Now go out, have some fun and don’t forget to check out some of the other topics on this blog, such as Monday Cinema Club, Bookworm TuesdayAnything Can Happen Wednesdayand Friday’s Week in Review.

About OxenTrot

During the day, I am a mild mannered desk jockey who helps to manage a large IT company.  At night, I am a family man, who is insanely in love with his wife and a proud daddy to an amazing girl.  But in the pre-dawn hours, as most everyone else is still asleep, I am my alter ego.  During that time, I am: OxenTrot. Ox was a call sign bestowed upon me while I was an active duty United States Marine, mainly in tribute to the fact that I was a major gym rat. After 5 years and three tours of duty, I reentered the civilian world.  My call sign was replaced by my actual name but the Ox still lived inside. As I began to adapt to my new life, I also began to take on new adventures, such as starting a family, getting a “big boy” job and taking on endurance sports.
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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday: The Incredible Hulk Game with the Fantastic Four!

  1. Jen says:

    We had Battle of the Planets. The game pieces were impossible to get into the bases without damaging the top layer of graphics. I gave it to Jason at Comic Con with the condition that I get visitation rights 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • OxenTrot says:

      I remember that one too!!! It was another game that I never knew the rules or purpose. I have discovered that the goal was “Be the first player to capture three monsters, then return to Earth.” I definitely remember thinking that the artwork was very cool.


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