Bookworm Tuesday: Fall of the Core: Netcast Zero (The Frontiers Saga) by Ryk Brown

Fall of the Core-Netcast ZeroSynopsis: In the future, technology has been assimilated into every facet of life.  As a deadly disease starts to infect those on Earth a news team discovers a possible link between the outbreak and a computer virus.  What is the potential danger of combining biology with technology?  The answer might be, extinction.

Publication Date: May 26, 2015

Print Length: 61 pages

Available here:

I love SciFi.  I especially love SciFi that feels as if it has a possibility of actually existing in the near future.  Considering the fact that we live in a world where virtual reality exists, we’ve landed a manmade device on Mars and the freaking Hoverboard is in development, I don’t need to be taken to a distant world in order to be introduced to an extraordinary future.  From the very beginning, I was sucked into the story of Hanna and Arielle because their life was relatable, a news team trying to get ahead in their career.  Mr. Brown does an amazing job of adding subtle details to help paint the futuristic world around them.  These details don’t dominate the plot, yet enhance the character and intrigue of the human story.   For example, Mr. Brown is able to weave in concepts such as Virtual Reality so seamlessly that it feels organic to the universe you are visiting.

What truly fascinates me is the way the intensity in the story ramped up.  We are flawlessly moved from a relationship story to a thriller that left my heart pounding as the scenario unfolded.  As our characters race to the roof of a hotel to make a daring escape, I found myself trying to peak ahead to see if they were going to make it or be caught.  As an added bonus, if you have any understanding of the current research being done with nanotechnology, virtual reality and augmented reality, you are going to have so much fun seeing a plausible world where these sciences become a reality.

In the end we are left wanting to know more about what happened to our characters and their world.  That’s why I can’t wait to read Mr. Brown’s full length book, Fall of the Core: Netcast One.

In the meantime, you can go to his official website and find his other works.  As described on the website:

“The Frontiers Saga is a series of Science Fiction novels that covers a century of human adventures in space. Part one is 15 episodes, with each episode being released at regular intervals. All story arcs begun within a part are concluded during that part. There will be 5 parts to the series, with 15 episodes per part, for a total of 75 episodes.”

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One Response to Bookworm Tuesday: Fall of the Core: Netcast Zero (The Frontiers Saga) by Ryk Brown

  1. Jen says:

    So much for my pledge not to start any more incomplete book series. Ugh!


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