Monday Cinema Club: The Verse (Firefly based Short Film)

The Verse

Synopsis: The crew of the OVERLAND, a scrappy transport ship on the outskirts of the galaxy and the law, are off to deliver a bounty wanted for murder.  Nothing goes as planned, but everything’s Shiny in the Verse as long as you can still take to the skies.


  • Captain Bret Hunter: Ryan Caldwell
  • Caroline Stack (bounty huntress and co-owner of the OVERLAND): Jennifer Wenger
  • Travis “Yoke” Sandspur (pilot): Peter Weidman
  • Maribelle Crawford (crew member and master markswoman): Tybee Diskin
  • Rusty Duvall (ship’s mechanic): Zack Finfrock
  • Annie Whitehall (the bounty): Alex Marshall-Brown
  • Jon “Chow” Zhou (crew member and traveling salesman): Ewan Chung
  • Commodore Woodruff: Vic Mignogna

Directed By: Julian Higgins

Written By: Zack Finfrok, Julian Higgins and Peter Weidman

Run Time: 14:41

I came to the world of Firefly late.  It wasn’t until a few years back, when the series popped up on Netflix, is when I finally watched the show for the first time and fell in love.  Just like everyone else, I have been keeping my fingers crossed that someday, Serenity will fly again and we will see Captain Mal and his crew off on another adventure.  With that being said, when I saw a YouTube video that was advertised as a fan film for all that was Shiny about Firefly, I was very hesitant.  Really?  How was a 15 minute video going to capture the tone, feel and excitement of Serenity and her crew?  Well call me a 狒狒的屁眼  (I believe that mean’s Baboon’s Ass. Or General Tso’s Chicken.  I’m not positive.)  Not only did this team of artist pull it off, they did something truly amazing.  They expanded the world in such a way that it feels 100% authentic within the universe of Firefly.

The first thing that resonates with me is that everyone on this crew is top notch. The film looks so dang professional and indistinguishable from something you would see on a hit TV show.  The biggest key is that this team was able to create characters that were fully formed and recognizable within just minutes of the film.  I felt like I knew what each member of the OVERLAND was about, from the go getter in Chow who is trying to expand his business by hitching a ride, to Rusty, the genius mechanic who is forced to work in less than ideal condition.  The best part of this is that the Verse feels as if it is part of the Firefly universe without it being just a knockoff of the original characters.

If you have been dying for a new episode of Firefly, then you have it right here.  This is so good that I predict there will be a fan film based on this fan film.  There are so many places you can go with the story.  How did Hunter come to be a deserter of the Alliance and the captain of a ship with Stack?  Will Yoke and Maribelle ever hook up?  Why was Annie on the run?  There is one downside though.  Not only am I deeply hoping for Serenity to fly again, I now am wishing upon wish that Overland flies again too.  For the love of Browncoats everywhere, one of these two crews needs to take to the sky once more.

I know you have 15 minutes.  So sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Jen says:

    我的媽和她的瘋狂的外甥都 ・ Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung

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