Look Back Tuesday (Runaways #2)

Runaways Issue 2 coverRunaways #2 is hitting the shelves tomorrow so we are going to look back at where we left off the last time we saw the misfits of the Victor Von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

Quickly we learn that in this world, the best and brightest are trained at the Victor Von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths for an opportunity to be part of the Doom Elite.  But then we are presented with a group who appear to have missed the mark.  In the “Correction Room” we see a hodgepodge of characters sitting in detention, trying to argue their way out of their predicament because team registration for their Final Exam is coming up.  One by one, we are introduced to those in the room, their capabilities and what domain they call home. 

  • Sanna Strand (Frostbite) from KillvilleRunaways Issue 1 cover
  • Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) from Limbo
  • Megan Gwynn (Pixie) from Mutopia
  • Amadeus Cho from The Warzone
  • Delphyne Gorgon from Arcadia
  • Skaar from Greenland
  • Molly Hayes from Manhattan (not a senior)
  • Tandy (Cloak) who is not in detention but pops in to talk to her brother, Tyrone (Dagger). Both from Arachnia

We learn a few nice plot points.  Their punishment stemmed from a combat sparring session between Jubilee and Sanna which spilled Runaways Issue 1 page 2over from the gym to the hallways.  Jubilee, Pixie and Delphyne have a girl gang called the Night Witches.  We also learn that Cho and Skaar are buddies and Skaar is sort of like Cho’s bodyguard. We are even introduced to another senior, Buckey Barnes, the Winter Soldier himself, hailing from parts unknown.

With a very Breakfast Club feel, the students break out of their detention in time to show up for team registration.  Since all the teams are full, the rag tag group of “hot-headed teens” are placed on the same team. In the final panels we get the big reveal of who the headmaster is of the Doom Institute.

What I’m hoping to see in the next issue: I can’t wait to see what these Final Exams entail. We already have a sense that there is some sort of a combat element.  I am assuming that whatever they face, this team of misfits will be able to use their individual talents to overcome almost any obstacle.

Have fun true believers and don’t forget to check out some of the other topics on this blog, such as Monday Cinema Club, Bookworm TuesdayAnything Can Happen Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and  Friday’s Week in Review.

About OxenTrot

During the day, I am a mild mannered desk jockey who helps to manage a large IT company.  At night, I am a family man, who is insanely in love with his wife and a proud daddy to an amazing girl.  But in the pre-dawn hours, as most everyone else is still asleep, I am my alter ego.  During that time, I am: OxenTrot. Ox was a call sign bestowed upon me while I was an active duty United States Marine, mainly in tribute to the fact that I was a major gym rat. After 5 years and three tours of duty, I reentered the civilian world.  My call sign was replaced by my actual name but the Ox still lived inside. As I began to adapt to my new life, I also began to take on new adventures, such as starting a family, getting a “big boy” job and taking on endurance sports.
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