Look Back Tuesday (JLA #2)

JLA Issue 2JLA #2 is hitting the shelves tomorrow so we are going to look back at where we left off the last time we saw these might superheroes. (Click here for a list of what’s coming out tomorrow.  We split the list into two groups: new single issues and new HC, TP, and Reprints.)

Right off the bat we are introduced to an apocolytic scene where it looks as if the world is exploding and Superman has been killed.  We are then presented with a world were all seems normal.  Superman is alive and well and has been summoned to the Infinity Corporation, with an invitation sent to Clark Kent.  This is a very intriguing plot point since no one knows that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person.  During his meeting at Infinity Corporation Superman meets Vincent, who claims he is trying to save Superman’s life.  However, the fact that there is a pileJLA Issue 1 of dead Supermen lying around makes his claim a little hard to swallow.  We learn that The Stones of Forever have been sending the dead Men of Steal from many different time lines.  It appears that the death of Superman is also linked with the end of the universe.  Superman has been summoned so he can be warned and hopefully convinced to maybe hide away or find some way not to die because whatever destroyed the other universes is going to happen to the current one.  If Superman can somehow stay alive, then they may all have a chance to survive. 

Congruently, we see some sort of operation occurring.  Someone has flown something out of the Metropolis Super Max Prison (The MAW) and delivered it to the new Metropolis Clean Energy Power Plant.  Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman show up.  Not because they are aware of the weird happenings at the plant, but because they have been invited.  Turns out that it is all a trap and the strange box that was left behind contains Parasite, a monster who absorbs all forms of energy, even the energy from super powers.  As the heroes battle, the Parasite drains the speed of The Flash and the power from Green Lantern’s ring.  Wonder Woman even gets swallowed by the ever growing beast, but Superman, fresh from his trip to the Infinity Corporation, pulls her out.  Though unhurt, Wonder Woman hears voices shouting and screaming in her head.  The Flash and Green Lantern get sucked into a wormhole. Also, Cyborg arrives to give a helping hand and, working with Batman, they are able to use the power grid to suck all the energy out of Parasite.

We also see Aquaman at the U.N. discussing the fact that Atlantis will not be accepting the Mutual Defense Pact, since it seems to be just a way for the surface duelers to grab Atlantian tech and “park weapons of mass destruction in our seas and on their doorsteps.”  There is a concern that the Atlantis’ advanced capabilities, large size and their lack of reliance on the nations found on land could mean that someday Atlantis could turn against the rest of the world. Aquaman is called back to his home with an urgent message.   When he arrives back to his underwater kingdom he is greeted by a self-proclaimed prophet who says that “The true god is coming.”

In the end, we learn who set Parasite free, but we still do not know why.  We know that the Infinite Corporation has disappeared, the people and the building.  Also, we have the arrival of a large spacecraft, which appears to be carrying the “Great God Rao.”

There are so many places for issue #2 to pick up that it’s hard to guess what will happen next.  Where did Green Lantern and The Flash get sucked to?  Why is Wonder Woman hearing voices screaming in her head?  Where did the Infinite Corporation go off to?  Is Rao the one true god that Aguaman was informed about?  Luckily a new issue is about to hit the shelves and hopefully we will have some answers soon.

Have fun tomorrow picking up your new books and don’t forget to check out some of the other topics on this blog, such as Monday Cinema Club, Bookworm TuesdayAnything Can Happen Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and  Friday’s Week in Review.

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