Bookworm Tuesday: I Will Breathe by Regina Puckett


Synopsis: Liberty has grown up in this post-apocalyptic world. Her home is an airship built by her adopted father. Since his death, each day is just another day trying to survive in a hostile environment. That is until her father’s dying friend asks if she’ll take custody of a small, child-like robot.

Publication Date: January 13, 2015

Print Length: 169 pages

First, a confession.  I have never read Steampunk before and the only time I have seen anything relating to the genre was while watching Felicia Day’s YouTube series The Guild.  I’ve been meaning to grab a Steampunk book for years but never got around to it until now.  I found Regina Puckett’s book while searching Amazon and decided to just jump in without looking.  I didn’t read the synopsis.  I didn’t research Ms. Puckett’s other books, I just downloaded it to my kindle and went all in.

The world Liberty lives in is one of isolation and mistrust, ever since the Great War which seemed to destroy more than just property.  The opening chapter sets an amazing rhythm to the story.  We’re introduced to Liberty as she is maneuvering her flying ship through a precarious mountain range.  We learn that she has been on her own since the death of her adopted father and that her home is in the sky and the only time she lands is out of necessity.  Along her journeys Liberty is taken on a path that is in direct conflict with her father’s rearing.  Don’t love anyone so you will never be heartbroken.  Don’t allow anyone on your ship.  Don’t trust anyone.  All of these have to slowly become eliminated as Liberty discovers a more fulfilling life that can only be achieved with the aide and support of others.

Regina Puckett takes on an entrancing trip as we watch Liberty’s world turn upside down and her past life crumble away in order to reveal a new reality.  There are plenty of moments that keep us on edge and Ms. Puckett is not scared of making big dramatic choices, causing the reader to never really know if our characters will find safe passage through their lot or be thrown into a sea of danger.  There is so much I want to say but so little I want to reveal for fear of spoiling the journey for others.  In the end Ms. Puckett stays true to the characters and true to the story.  And yes, you will find a spot in your own heart for a robot with childlike innocence.

This being my first ever Steampunk book, I am 110% thrilled.  If Ms. Puckett is any indication of the excitement, adventure, emotion and thrills that can be expected from other novels, than I am pretty sure I will be added to the legion of fans of the genre.  And as for Ms. Puckett, I definitely plan to pick up some of her other works as well.  As I have admitted in the past, I am a slow and unaccomplished reader, but I Will Breathe was so well paced and engaging that I finished it in no time and will most likely go back and read it over and over again.

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4 Responses to Bookworm Tuesday: I Will Breathe by Regina Puckett

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  2. Thank you so much for your lovely review. It has made my day and gives hope that others will enjoy my book too. It is my first venture into the world of steampunk. I’m enjoying these characters and I can’t wait to see where else they take me.


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    • OxenTrot says:

      That makes me so happy. Your book is wonderful and I am glad to spread the word. I even bought the audio version from Audible so I can listen to it in my car or while running. Best of luck, or as my father says, May I wish you an absence of bad luck in your future endeavors.

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