Monday Cinema Club: CROFT (Short Film)

CroftSynopsis: A woman will risk everything for the life of a young girl held hostage by a group of Mercenaries that hold her hostage high in the mountains.  Inspired by video games and action movies from the 80s.

Starring: Cassandra Ebner, Liam Carter, Devyn Dalton, Nickolas Baric, Shaw Madson, Brad Friesen

Directed By: Trevor Addie

Written By: Trevor Addie and Irma Leong

Run Time: 19:56

What do you get when you combine a cast filled with the industry’s best stunt people and a character based on action and adventure?  You get CROFT.  Written by Trevor Addie, this movie was like watching a blockbuster video game come to life. I watched at least a dozen Short Films/Fan Films over the weekends and this one had the best action and fight scenes of them all.  Without knowing anything about the cast or writers, I could tell this was done by a group of professionals within the industry.  Turns out, collectively, they have worked on some of the biggest action films in recent years, such as Godzilla (2014), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), and TV shows such as Arrow and The Flash.  The acting was excellent, especially by Liam Carter who plays the Villain.  He definitely grabbed my attention and forced me to put down my cell phone and pay closer attention to what was going on.  Simple things, like the way the Villain and the Henchman, played by Nickolas Baric, react to the first shooting was extremely believable and told you so much about the characters and their personality. Cassandra Ebner, who plays the lead role, is extremely talented and 100% believable as a hero who has the skills and talent to take on any adversary.

Now, this film is heavily focused on stunts.  Many, many stunts.  It is pretty much one long action sequence.  It’s very cool and there is a possibility that so much action would sacrifice the telling of a story but Croft pulls it off.  We get the idea that there are people who have been kidnapped and our Hero is coming to save them.  That’s the story you get and then you sit back and watch all of the great fights and stunts along the way.  HOWEVER, when you get to the very end, you will get a very special surprise.  One that left my mouth agape and saying “Man, did they really just do what I think they did?”  I won’t say anymore for fear of spoiling the end.

With a run time of just under 20 minutes, this is a perfect film to watch during your lunch break or if you are looking for something quick to watch right before bed.

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