Throwback Thursday – SPIDER-MAN #1 (1990)

Spiderman1_1990SPIDER-MAN (1990) #1

Published: August 01, 1990
Writer: Todd McFarlane
Cover Artist: Todd McFarlane

This issue is simply described as “Spider-Man saves a woman from being mugged and wonders why criminals always think they can kill Spider-Man. Elsewhere, Calypso summons the Lizard and makes him go on a killing spree.” (

About a year ago I pulled my old comic books out of storage.  I totally forgot some of the amazing books I had and this one was one of the first I set aside for framing.  Back in 1990 I was so excited to be at the start of a storyline from ISSUE #1.  And it didn’t hurt that Spiderman was one of my favorite characters.  This was also the first time I was introduced to alternate covers.  I remember the normal one, which I have, the black and silver one and the awe inspiring gold cover.  In truth, this is when I started to get overwhelmed when it came to comic book collecting.  So many options, so little funds.  This was probably the start of the end of my relationship with comics at the time.

I reread this book the other week.  I have an electronic copy thanks to a promotion ComiXology did a few years ago where they gave away all first issues of all Marvel and DC comics they had in their database.  So I now have a huge collection of digital comics, all for the price of a login name and password.  Hence, I used the e-copy so I wouldn’t have to bust my copy of Spidey out of glass.  It was good.  It didn’t waste time regurgitating the whole back story of Spiderman and his universe.  It just started with the typical Peter Parker flair.  My favorite quote of the book is on page 6 when he is addressing a recently caught thug.


I also really liked how Spiderman started to question why common street thugs think they could take on the web slinger even though he has had battled the crème de la crème of the Marvel world.  It makes so much sense.  It’s like Spidey gets no respect.


All in all, this was a great way to travel back 25 years!! Say it ain’t so!  So what memories do you have from 1990?  Did you have any of the alternate covers of this book?  If you got it, I think it’s time to break it out and have a trip down memory lane.

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Until next week, go out and have some fun.

About OxenTrot

During the day, I am a mild mannered desk jockey who helps to manage a large IT company.  At night, I am a family man, who is insanely in love with his wife and a proud daddy to an amazing girl.  But in the pre-dawn hours, as most everyone else is still asleep, I am my alter ego.  During that time, I am: OxenTrot. Ox was a call sign bestowed upon me while I was an active duty United States Marine, mainly in tribute to the fact that I was a major gym rat. After 5 years and three tours of duty, I reentered the civilian world.  My call sign was replaced by my actual name but the Ox still lived inside. As I began to adapt to my new life, I also began to take on new adventures, such as starting a family, getting a “big boy” job and taking on endurance sports.
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3 Responses to Throwback Thursday – SPIDER-MAN #1 (1990)

  1. Karcossa says:

    I only picked this issue up a few years ago, but I enjoyed it even then. The 90’s, for me, was much more of a Wolverine decade… and while I read a ton of Wolvie reprints in the UK, Not Dead Yet (Wolverine vol 2 #119-123) was my favourite Wolverine story of the decade. I still think it holds up today.

    Or maybe I’m just overly nostalgic.

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    • OxenTrot says:

      Wolverine Vol. 2 #119-123. I will make sure to look into them. I was out of comics at this point so I’m always hunting for suggestions of books to pick up that I missed out on.

      Liked by 1 person

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